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What is NIL?
(Name, Image, & Likeness)

How  does it affect you and your family?

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The governing body’s board of directors voted to lift the NIL restrictions that have previously been in place and instituted an interim policy that at last benefits the players who were the ones producing the profits. The next stage will be a uniform set of laws that can be agreed upon by the federal government. On Monday, the NCAA’s Division I Council made this recommendation, three days before laws were set to go into effect in eight states. Twelve other states have also passed NIL laws slated to go into effect in the future.  Schools in states without legislation are free to create their own NIL laws, based on a set of NCAA guidelines, which mirror the laws already passed.



  • Deals cannot serve as recruiting inducements.

  • Athletes cannot receive benefits without services given.

  • Agents or representation are allowed for NIL benefits.

  • Schools cannot be involved in creating opportunities for their athletes.

  • Players cannot promote alcohol, legal drugs like cannabis, tobacco products, adult entertainment or gambling.

“This creates an entirely new landscape,” longtime sports agent Leigh Steinberg told The Post in a phone interview. “It’s revolutionary in terms of the implications in respect to amateurism.”  


Multiple experts The Post spoke to believe elite athletes will earn into the seven figures. Just imagine what quarterbacks Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields could’ve earned last year, or college sensation Zion Williamson a few years ago? Due to the recruiting boom, the top-rated high school sport prospects now enter college with big names. Now they can profit off of it.

The NCAA’s student-athletes model prohibiting student-athletes from profiting from their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) has finally ended.

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